About Us

  Bernard Young, is a southern fashion designer and songwriter from Ocala, Florida who is the sole owner of Bernard Young Collection LLC. Bernard Young is on the rise to prominence working toward releasing his new drip dye collection coming this New Year. He has collaborated with artists such as Darby Lane and others in the music industry.

  Bernard Young was born among the masses eliminating any doubt that he wouldn't be special. The youngest child out of two he quickly developed a skill for standing out amongst many, early. Bernard Young was raised in Ocala in an impoverished suburb of Florida where his lifestyle was engrossed by high crime, drug addiction and violence that surrounded him.

  It was there that he developed an insatiable appetite to succeed dispite his current situation. After discovering and acknowledging his talent and creativity in 2018, Bernard started a new hustle that would soon mature as one of the most promising business ventures ever.

  Eyeballing the throne of royalty, Bernard Young began to create a sound and style that would inevitably place him on top. Bernard Youngs eye for fashion and raw lyrical talent distinguished noise from art, clearly being the latter his creations are the best that remain.

  He is embodiment of the evolution of southern hip-hop and fashion. Bernard Young is the representative for a generation that doesn't see hip-hop and fashion as a hobby but a lifestyle. Staying grounded, true to himself, his art, and his home Bernard Young will stand alone as the one true savior and legacy builder of his last names generational wealth.

All Love, Bernard W. Young
Owner, CEO
Bernard Young Collection LLC